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Nero 2016 Platinum Comparison Essay

Nero 2016 Platinum Review.

Nero 2016 Platinum is not just an ordinary program; it is an advanced media suite which includes everything for effective and high-quality performance of any task. The program has got different applications for burning disks, editing video, audio and photos, converting media files, creating disk covers, backing up files, uploading online, and a lot of others.

Nero 2016 Platinum includes a lot of different applications which allow you to manage and play multimedia files, edit and convert media files, rip and burn optical disks, back up important files, etc.; they are as follows:

Nero Media Home 2016- this application is designed to work with the media and graphic files; it is a full-featured and advanced tool for organizing your multimedia, i.e. music, video and photo.

Nero Media Browser 2016- this application provides easy and convenient access to your media files and it allows you to arrange them according to your needs and preferences. Thanks to the application all your photos, videos and music will be at your hand in the event of needs.

Nero Video 2016- this application allows you to create, edit and view your own video projects; it offers a lot of flexible video settings and tools; so you have the possibility to create amazing video projects.

Nero Recode 2016- with the help of this application you can create an exact copy of your unprotected CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disks on the one hand and convert video files to any other formats on the other hand.

Nero Burning ROM 2016- it is a legendary Nero application intended for burning any disk types.

Nero Express 2016- it is a simplified version of Nero Burning ROM 2016 and it is an ideal choice for those who want to create disks quickly and easily.

Nero Disk to Device- with just three click of the mouse this application will help you to rip your audio CD or disk content and transfer it to your PC, any device connected to the computer, iTunes or online storage.

Nero Cover Designer 2016- this application allows you to create unique and beautiful covers for your disks and add texts to them using LightScribe and Label Flash technology.

Nero BackItUp 2016- it is a very powerful utility which allows you to back up your photos, videos, music and documents.

Nero Rescue Agent 2016- it is an advanced utility which will you to restore data from all known damaged media, for example, hard drives, optical disks, flash drives, etc.

Stashimi Music Recorder- this advanced music player will open the door to the music world for you. With the help of it you can access more than 100.000 radio stations, listen to your favorite songs, watch videos and automatically record them.

Nero Mobile Apps- Nero allows you to download special mobile apps for your Android and iOS devices and enjoy and access your Nero content through your smartphone or tablet everywhere.

Nero Wave Editor 2016- it is a multifunctional audio editor that has got a lot of useful tools; with the help of this application you can edit audio files, change the sound, add various effects, use different filters, and so on.

Nero SoundTrax 2016-it is a very useful utility which allows you to edit and mix audio tracks, burn the audio files to the disk, and so on.

The main Features of the Program

Nero Media Home 2016 is a real multimedia machine which allows you to facilitate the execution of any task related to photos, videos and music. With the help of this application you can easily manage your entire multimedia collection, i.e. you have the possibility to store, search and play your photos, videos and music.

The main advantage of the program is that it is absolutely free but its great features are really priceless. Nero Media Home 2016 has got a very intuitive and easy to use interface. The application allows you to view photos and perform all basic operations with them, for example, rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, add tags, print, rename, change date and time, and so on. With the help of an inbuilt photo editor you can edit photos, i.e. you can enhance photo automatically, adjust brightness, backlight, color temperature and saturation, add different effects, for example, sepia, grayscale, blur, etc.

Nero Media Home 2016 boosts of its very interesting feature called Faces; in other words, face recognition function on the photos; just add a name to a person face on the photo and the application will search for similar faces in your photo collection and display results. So, thanks to this feature you will not need to look for each photo separately; the program itself will sort out all persons.

Among additional features it should be noted the following- you can burn your multimedia files to the disk on the one hand and share them via email or using a special tool called Nero SendIt and upload to the Nero community on the other hand.

Nero Media Home 2016 also allows you to play videos and audios, create photo slideshows by adding different themes, titles and music.

With the special Nero BackItUp tool which is also included in this suite, you have the possibility to store your precious photos and videos online.

Thanks to advanced features and possibilities of Nero Media Home 2016, you do not need download and install any additional multimedia applications; it includes everything for organizing, editing and playing your multimedia collection.

Nero Media Browser 2016 is a very useful application which offers an easy and convenient way to manage your entire multimedia files; you have the possibility to search for all your photos, videos and music and add them to the program, sort out multimedia files according to the day or month of creation, arrange all photos and videos and create for them individual albums and sort out music files by albums, artists, genres, titles and playlists.

Nero Media Browser 2016 is a very convenient application which helps you to set in order the entire multimedia files. Thanks to the application all your files will be conveniently arranged and easy to use and manage.

Nero Video 2016 will become a real and trustworthy guide in the world of video editing. It has got a lot of advanced and professional tools which will help you to create amazing video projects.

This application allows you to import videos from cameras, optical disks, hard drives and the computer, capture videos from cameras and TVs or record videos directly to disk.

You have the possibility to make slideshows and movies from the imported videos using an advanced video editor which allows you to create amazing video projects by adding various effects.

After editing and creating video projects, you can burn them to the DVD or Blu-Ray disks, save on the computer hard drive or transfer to the memory stick or SD card.

Nero Recode 2016- with the help of this application you can copy unprotected disks on the one hand and convert video and audio files from one format to another on the other hand. Nero Recode 2016 allows you to rip DVD or Blu-Ray disks and create an exact copy of them.

In addition, you can convert your video and audio files to different other formats (it supports a lot of video and audio formats, for example, FLV, MKV, MPEG-4, FLAC, MP3, WMA, etc.) and various devices (for example, Tablets- iPad, Amazon kindle, Samsung, and so on; Smartphones- HTC, Samsung, iPhone, and so on; Game Consoles- Sony Playstation, Xbox, etc.; and Audio Players- iPod classic, iPod touch, etc.)

Nero Burning ROM 2016 is the most popular and well-known Nero application which allows you to burn any types of optical disks (i.e. CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays). With the help of the program you can create data disks, audio CDs, mixed mode CDs, CD extras, CD, VDV or Blu-Ray copies, bootable CDs or DVDs and DVD and AVCHD disks.

In addition, Nero Burning ROM 2016 offers a lot of different tools; you have the possibility to create so called multisession disks (i.e. such kind of disks to which you can add files later), disks created with the help of Nero DiskSpan technology (i.e. you can split files and distribute them among several disks if they exceed disk size) and SecureDisk technology disks 9i.e. disks which can be protected with a password or digital signature to prevent their illegal use and distribution).

Nero Burning ROM 2016 has got very flexible and configurable settings; you can define those burning parameters that you need, for example, the program allows you to specify autorun configurations, select the desired write speed and method, and a lot of others.

Nero Express 2016 is a simplified and cut-down version of Nero Burning ROM 2016. It is one of the most common and popular software applications for creating, copying and recording optical disks now. Nero Express 2016 has got functionalities similar to Nero Burning ROM 2016 but with a very easy to use and intuitive interface. It allows you to burn disks quickly and easily. All you need is to select a new burning project, add files and start recording.

Nero Disk to Device- do you want to rip your audio CDs, video disks and disk content to any device connected to the computer, your PC, iTunes or online storage easily and quickly. Now you have the possibility to do all these tasks thanks to this Nero application. It will help you to rip all disk content to any above mentioned destination. Everything is very easy and only three simple steps are required from you, i.e. you should enter the disk to the optical drive, select the content you want to rip and finally transfer all files there.

Nero Cover Designer 2016 is a professional and multifunctional application for creating amazing disk covers and much more. The program allows you create your own covers and labels for CD, DVD and Blu-ray disks using a wide variety of templates. It offers a huge number of various professional tools for working with graphics and texts (For example, you can add special effects, beautiful fonts, etc.). In addition, Nero Cover Designer 2016 includes a great variety of designs and templates for slim-disk boxes, CD boxes, etc. You need only a few minutes to create covers or labels for disk and immediately print them on the printer.

Nero BackItUP- it is very important to keep your photos, videos and documents in a safe place; so, in other words, you need to back up them. Luckily, Nero 2016 Platinum includes a special application called Nero BackItUP which allows you quickly and easily to back up all files using three simple steps. All you need to choose those files that you want to backup, select Backup target (for example, local drive, external drive, optical disk, and so on) and, finally, in the third step, schedule the backup process and specify encryption and compression level.

In addition, Nero BackItUP allows you to back up you mobile phone data; just download and install a free application from Google Play Store and backup all your important photos and videos on the mobile phone.

Nero Rescue Agent 2016- it is a bad thing when you lose files because of hard disk, optical disk or USB stick damage. But now, you have the possibility to try to recover files from damaged media. With the help of the program you can recover files from USB sticks, optical disks, hard drives, etc. All you need is to select one of offered scanning methods- Fast or Deep; the rest the application will do for you and you will be able to choose found files and restore them.

Nero 2016 Platinum includes some extra applications; they are as follows:

Stashimi Music Recorder- it is a full-featured and advanced music player which allows you to search for more than 90.000 radio stations and listen your favourite songs, perform a music search in the Internet for artists, albums or songs, download and store found media files on the computer or any external device connected to the computer, for example, mobile phones, smartphones, external hard disks, music players, USB sticks, and so on.

Nero Mobile Apps- these free apps are available for both Android and iOS devices. Just visit Google Store or App Store, download the application and enjoy p[laying photos, videos and music on your mobile devices.

Nero Wave Editor 2016- with the help of this free application you can record audio with your audio card. Before starting recording you should select a sample rate (for example, 44.100 Hz, 22.050 Hz, etc.) and Bit depth (for example, 8 bit, 32 bit, etc.). After recording the program allows you to edit audio file; you have the possibility to insert an audio file to the recorded audio, convert selected settings, normalize and change volume, add different effects (for example, loudness, low fidelity, and so on) and enhancements (for example, declipper, and so on), etc.

Nero SoundTrax 2016- this application allows you to create your own mix CDs, edit and mix several tracks, transfer your LP or Tape recordings to CDs, record audio, import tracks from audio CDs, etc.

System Requirements

Windows 7- Windows 10

GHz AMD or Intel processor

1 GB of RAM

5 GB of free hard disk space


Nero 2016 Platinum is a program for those computer users which want to have all useful multimedia application in one advanced suite. It is rightly considered as one of the most powerful multimedia applications on the software market. You can do practically everything with the help of it from organizing multimedia files to creating backups. The possibilities of this suite is really inexhaustible; you can conveniently organize all your multimedia collection, edit videos, rip and convert audio and video files, burn disks, create covers for the disks, back up important files, restore data from damaged media, watch and play videos and audios, and so on.

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