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Writing History Essays Victoria University

Writing Centre

Winter Term: January 15, 2018 - April 6, 2018

Who can use the Victoria College Writing Centre?

All students who are registered at Victoria College; Arts and Science students who are enrolled in VIC courses; Faculty of Music undergraduate students; TST Emmanuel College students.

What we do:

The Writing Centre offers a tutorial service on an individual appointment basis. Each student receives individual help with a writing instructor. The session may last up to 50 minutes. The exact time allotment will be determined by the instructor. 

Instructorshelp you develop your capacity to plan, organize, write and revise your essays, reviews, lab reports, case studies, and other academic papers. They will go over your work, and help you gain your own skills in writing, revising and editing. However, Instructors are not there to do your proofreading.

What you can do:

Book your appointment at least 2 weeks in advance. Students may sign up for one appointment per week.

  • Please note that blocks of appointments are released two weeks in advance.
  • Appointments normally start 10 minutes after the hour.
  • Schedule your appointment well before your paper is due. Leave time to do revisions after the consultation.
  • Bring in your assignment sheet and other course material to help define your aims for the paper.You should bring a hardcopy of your work. Instructors will not look at assignments from your lap top.
  • Come back regularly to work on a sequence of skills in a variety of assignments.

TIP: If you are used to seeing the same writing instructor often, you might consider working with other writing instructors from time to time to help you get a different perspective.

Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so as soon as possible but at least 24 hours in advance. This will allow other students to get an appointment with an instructor sooner. Failing to cancel your appointment within the required time or simply not showing up to your scheduled appointment may result in you being blocked from booking further sessions. *

PLEASE NOTE: Blocks of appointments are released two weeks in advance.

      Appointments normally start 10 minutes after the hour.

My course assignment is due in a couple of weeks. Where do I start? How do I find what I need? Should I just use ‘Google’ and hope what comes up will be good enough? Or should I try using the VU Library’s Search tool instead? Hmm, which information search tool should I use? The Google or the Library? Maybe both?

The search for reliable and credible resources can be both paralysing and baffling. The Librarian also said I need to critically evaluate what I find. When conducting an academic research, researching is one of the crucial steps in writing academic papers and assignments. There are advantages to using both Google and the Library.

The Internet should never be your only research tool.You can use the Internet. However Google and other search engines don’t have everything you need. What’s missing is the deep web content, which is the web content that is not indexed by typical search engines. This includes password protected academic library subscriptions to journals or newspapers, book collections and databases. By browsing the Internet you can access a wealth of information. The difficulty lies in sorting through it as there is often too much information.

VU Library, on the other hand, will already have the academic and peer-reviewed content you require. The authority and trustworthiness of the articles don’t need to be questioned. This saves a lot of time sifting through questionable material.The Library Search tool and many academic databases VU library subscribes to can filter out (irrelevant) search terms so you have a smaller search result. This saves even more time as you don’t have to sift through unwanted material. Another advantage of using the VU Library Search tool is the option of being able to cite resources used through the Quick Citation tool. References used can be copied and pasted directly into word processing software, or they can be exported into bibliographic management software such as EndNote or Refworks. As you will see, the VU Library web pages have links to a variety of resources to support your studies. Way to go Library- That’s the way to do the research!