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Katarina Miranda

Freelance Writer

I am a freelance writer, editor, entertainment blogger, marketing manager and social media manager. I have had more than two years of experience of writing articles ranging from television show recaps, reviews and spoilers to industry specific articles. Aside from this, I have had experience in researching facts for the articles I write, and during my time with GMA7's magazine show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Aside from this, I have had more than six months of experience in managing and creating strategies for the social media marketing aspect of 260 Inc, and in particular, for their Facebook page. I also did social media for the Facebook and Twitter accounts of SnippetMedia. I also maintain The Kat's Cafe, an entertainment blog in which I write reviews on television shows, movies and books; and I also currently maintain The Asian Aspergirl, a blog which talks about autism, specifically Asperger's Syndrome....

This article is guest posted by Alan Cheng.

Ghostwriting services are much needed in the online money making world. If you struggle to write or have a phobia with writing, then you definitely need to hire a ghostwriter. This article will show you how to hire a good ghostwriter so that you can increase your online sales.

It’s worth mentioning first of all, that looking for the cheapest price is definitely not the way to select your ghostwriter – unless you’re working on an Adsense site where content doesn’t matter and  you’re only concerned about Adsense clicks.

If you need 10 articles (500 words) to be ghostwritten, and the ghostwriter charges $5 for each article, that would mean he will earn $50. But it takes him a minimum of 3 hours to finish them. Why would anyone work 3 hours for $50?

If they’re in India or the Philippines then yes, than would justify the pay. However, you need to be extra careful to see what their standard of English is and the amount of research they will do for your articles or ebook. You are writing content to provide valuable information to your customers and readers. You’re not writing content for the sake of it.

Here is a checklist of things you should go through when hiring a ghostwriter:

  1. Does he have samples to show you his writing style? Does his samples have informative content written in an interesting tone with good English?
  2. Does he have testimonials from his past customers? Do the testimonials sound real?
  3. Search for the ghostwriter’s name on forums. Does anyone mention his name and say they liked the work ghostwritten for them?
  4. Look at the prices the ghostwriter is charging. Do they seem reasonable? If they’re too cheap then you run the risk of receiving poor quality content or a delay in receiving the material. If they are good and cheap, then obviously they will get bombarded with work.
  5. Ask the ghostwriter questions on your ebook or articles that you want written. Look at their responses to your emails. Are they written in good English and do they reply your email in a timely manner?
  6. Ask for referrals from friends or word of mouth. If several people recommend a ghostwriter, check them out and see if you are comfortable with working with them.
  7. Ask the ghostwriter if they can do the research for you or whether they need a lot of hand holding from you. Some ghostwriters will expect you to supply them research material so that they can work on it. This is costing you time. Professional ghostwriters will do the research for you. You need to make sure.
  8. Ask if the ghostwriter can write a sample for you based on your topic. If they say yes, then you need to consider if they’re worth hiring. A good ghostwriter would not write for free to prove themselves. It could mean that they are desperate for work due to lack of clients. Good ghostwriters are very busy.
  9. Does the ghostwriter understand how to write a Search Engine Optimized article? Do they know what LSI is? If they’re knowledgeable in this area then they can write articles for you that can rank high in the search engines.

And finally, if you do get good quality work from a ghostwriter, then make sure you stick with them. The more you work together, the more you will understand each other. They will know how to produce work that you want.


I am not saying that ghostwriters that are charging low prices produce low quality content. But you run the risk of hiring someone who’s first language is not English and therefore produce below average material.

If you fiind that they are good ghostwriters then they will be so busy with work and therefore very likely delay in delivering your ebook or articles.

Think about it. If they are good and cheap, why would people not use them again? Also once they get many orders, it’s only a matter of time that they will increase their prices.

If you want to make money online, then you need good content. Content is what the internet is about. If your readers like your ebook or the articles that you have produced, you will get loyal subscribers and customers. Ghostwriting services are an important part of your business to outsource. They make money for you. So make sure you get this part of your business right.

Alan Cheng is a professional ghostwriter who delivers a complete solution for information product owners. His ghostwriting package includes ghostwriting an ebook, sales letter with minisite graphics, squeeze page, thank you page and press release. His website is at

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