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Sophistication Definition Essay On Beauty

1Having, revealing, or involving a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture.

‘a chic, sophisticated woman’

‘a young man with sophisticated tastes’

  1. 1.1Appealing to or frequented by people who are sophisticated.

    ‘a sophisticated restaurant’

    • ‘His philosophy is a simple, yet sophisticated restaurant with no clutter - somewhere to enjoy his food at a reasonable price.’
    • ‘The foods available at restaurants range from sophisticated Western cuisine, to various ethnic specialty foods, to both indigenous and foreign fast foods.’
    • ‘Conroy's rugs are not just luxurious, sophisticated accessories that bring style and warmth to the home, they're also truly unique.’
    • ‘The local choir was joined by the Moy Singers of Ballina and Phil Landers had excelled herself with sophisticated and tasteful floral displays in the church.’
    • ‘The low-ad loading and sophisticated playlist were hugely appealing, but it just wasn't a great money-spinner.’
    • ‘On Sunday night, we dined at Ballarat's most sophisticated and exotic restaurant featuring a gorilla.’
    • ‘Try combining different shapes and colors of tableware; assembled with restraint, an assortment can look beautiful and sophisticated.’
    • ‘This cover is sophisticated, with a gracefully limited color palette and simple fonts.’
    • ‘I am sure that your honour will readily agree with me that the Nehru-collar suit is an elegant, sophisticated and dignified attire.’
    • ‘This was an eveningwear line that was beautiful and sophisticated, a more grown-up version of the ready-to-wear collection.’
    • ‘But the local people loved the restaurant for it's sophisticated atmosphere, and elegant service.’
    • ‘But most of all, people come here to eat. springing up on every corner are sophisticated restaurants serving exquisite food.’
    • ‘Tastes was a multi-cultural restaurant, very sophisticated and yet casual at the same time.’
    • ‘The film is a sophisticated and æsthetically beautiful horror film.’
    • ‘The flats were regarded as sophisticated, even luxurious, and all for the reasonable rent of between £68 and £130 per year.’
    • ‘Today we see it on the menu of some fairly sophisticated restaurants.’
    • ‘Lovely, sophisticated dishes like this are a given at Aleutia.’
    • ‘With his beautiful and sophisticated music, Diallo is a purveyor of West African heritage, but also makes use of the latest advances in technology to appeal equally to the head, the heart and the feet.’
    • ‘And now the combination of fresh local produce and award-winning wine is drawing top chefs to the area's increasingly sophisticated restaurants.’
    • ‘Their many restaurants are sophisticated and serve dishes rivalling the best to be found in Europe.’
  • ‘He's the opposite of the sophisticated, cultured, world-weary foreign correspondent.’
  • ‘Rich, worldly and sophisticated, he could have been the ideal husband for Gwendolen but feels compelled to crush her independent spirit and mould her into his perfect wife.’
  • ‘His friends were Westerners for the most part, and though he was a sophisticated man and an artist with a broad range of interests, he was in many respects a regionalist, in the finest sense of that word.’
  • ‘Without doubt, the foods of the world, to be found in Canada's larger cities, had a great hand in creating the modern Canadian - in the main, sophisticated and worldly.’
  • ‘He probably learned more of the sophisticated high culture from listening to the public addresses of lawyers and ministers, especially the better sort.’
  • ‘In Memphis, he has an experience that makes him realize that he is not as sophisticated or worldly as he thought: he meets a boy by chance on the road, and they come upon a jug of bootleg alcohol.’
  • ‘They seem unable to resist the temptation to express contempt and hostility for those less sophisticated and cultured than themselves.’
  • ‘Think rumpled imprecision when it comes to fall's best-tressed heads; the look juxtaposes well with the season's more sophisticated fashions.’
  • ‘Civilizations ranging from the Canaanite to the Ottoman, have left their mark on an ever-growing, culturally rich and sophisticated city.’
  • ‘We often will find the most sophisticated cultures being the most brutal.’
  • ‘Famous for both Oktoberfest and a sophisticated cultural scene, Munich considers itself a ‘Metropolis with a Heart.’’
  • ‘They hadn't gone to college, and they saw Father Mark as a repository of knowledge and culture and sophisticated humor.’
  • ‘Readers of this blog are, by definition, sophisticated and worldly-wise individuals who know full well that major film studios do not read unsolicited screenplays.’
  • ‘During the last century, Finland has reinvented itself as a highly sophisticated, socially urbane culture with the highest aspirations for design and for architecture.’
  • ‘They remind us of a time when our culture was sophisticated and full of elegance and beauty.’
  • ‘Well, Los Angeles has always had a very sophisticated literary culture in relation to films and fiction.’
  • ‘The party only exists in Allen's brain, as a memory or perhaps a fantasy, a crowd of cultured, moneyed, sophisticated, liberal-minded New Yorkers.’
  • ‘That said, this is a very French affair - sophisticated, culturally eclectic, and exceptionally high-tech.’
  • ‘Even though they weren't the most sophisticated culture, or the most refined compared to, say, the Maya, the Aztecs were highly expressive.’
  • ‘Mexico possesses an extensive and sophisticated culinary culture, with a great variety of regional dishes.’

worldly, worldly-wise, experienced, enlightened, cosmopolitan, knowledgeable

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Female Beauty in America Essay

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Sophistication and Flair: The True Meaning of Beauty

Three words come to mind when one sees the epitome of Hollywood’s A-List – sophistication, style, and confidence. Although the media will always pose celebrities as sex symbols, tasteful images have now become a norm for today’s society. A woman’s beauty is now being portrayed in other ways – fully clothed and self-assured. It is evident now even as I look around campus. The girls who are poised and classy do not prance around in belly shirts and mini skirts. It’s all about a look. A woman is no longer sexy because she dresses in next to nothing – she is sexy because she has character. Whether its mystery, humor, certainty, charm, or intelligence – women are more…show more content…

It’s all about how one acts. For instance, Britney Spears, once an icon for young girls, has been recently depicted as offensive and distasteful in her clothing and manner. It is now women such as those portrayed in the movie The Devil Wears Prada who are admired by young teens. The characters in the movie played by Meryl Streep and Anne Hatheway gave successful, working women an enticing edge when they mixed their confident attitudes with classy style. They appeal to all genders and ages because they are women who know what they want – they don’t need to be naked to get it. They dress urbanely and conservatively. They radiate beauty through their character – not through their lack of attire. Although the trend is slowing disappearing, many magazines such as Rolling Stone will always portray women as sex symbols. We will probably never see the day when our society is devoid of this exploitation – it’s an unrealistic hope. Take for example, the ever-popular Britney Spears. As I previously stated, she was once viewed as an “icon for young girls”. That role is an extremely difficult one to live up to – one that should be valued and treated as an honor. The one-time “teen queen” managed to portray herself more than once in a distasteful manner on the cover of several magazines. What type of message is she sending to young girls? How can we expect our society to produce sophisticated young women with

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