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Essay Writing Based On Pictures

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Fortunately, one of our friend Aditi Chansoria, read through all the comments in our Everyday design practice post - regarding the need and help required with story framing from image kind of questions (also called picture/image composition), and doubts from many of our friends. She took the below practice question as an example, did the writing and shared that with me, so that I can put the same in this blog for everyone to understand how picture composition can be written. Really generous of her to share her works just to help many - whom are confused in that subject matter. Thank you Aditi for having concern for others.

Her story writing was so awesome and creative, that I couldn't resist to share with you; without the need for any editing !

Latest update - here's my Story writing tips with solution to CEED 2014 image composition question 

Note Here's one more story writing example by Prashant

Question :

Check the below messy picture and write a story related to the situation depicted in not less than 200 words.

Image courtesy -

Composition as shared by Aditi 

It was a beautiful day. The sun seemed a little brighter, as the tourists were excited about the big ‘sunburn’ concert that was to be held on the beach later that night. The waves were high and so were the spirits.

The DJ console was set up at the centre of the shopping arena. As usual, Raj was supposed to be the jokey. ’Tonight’s gonna be a good night’, yes, everybody agreed. Few enjoyed the song while taking a sun bath, few stood up to dance, few were still busy with their shopping while some were interested para-sailing. Others who weren't doing any of the above, the waves invited them with open hands.It was obvious that everybody enjoyed in a way that pleased them, until a volleyball came and hit Raj on the head.

”Where did that come from?”

The DJ pointed to the direction.

Raj saw that a few people who initially belonged to the beach, had submitted themselves to the game. They made two teams and arranged for a ball. It was just a practice shot that went too far.

“Hey, there is a match going on”

For a second, everyone turned their heads and looked at the direction the DJ had pointed.

Suddenly, a few amongst  them had become the audience. Few supported the team with red bands while the others cheered for the other team. Everyone, the  man with the tube on him, the para-saile, the girls who were at ‘The grills’, even the children with  balloons started enjoying the match. It seemed like everyone was united now.

The match ended after three hours. The red-banded team had won. Everyone cheered for both the teams and now the players, no matter what their names were, were given a different name that the audience gave them-‘chottay,motu,tiger-and now they will be remembered by these names by a lot of people for a lot of time.

Its sometimes interesting to realize how simple things like a volleyball game unites people, and how these people, without knowing anything about the other, become one when they see a mutual cause. Everyone thought the players were the stars, while from where I see, The Beach was the star.

Hope you now got some idea on how to compose a story from the given picture with this example. Her are my tips on how to attempt such questions.

My Hints and tips for attempting similar questions :

  • Spend time observing the given situation/sketch without jumping straight to write the story - Have a clear vision of what has to be written by framing the story
  • Take time !
  • Observe most of the individuals/character of the situation 
  • Observe their activities - what they are doing
  • Most importantly note/mind the "mood" of the character - it's very important in story framing ! 
  • Mind the age and gender of the characters !
  • Look for surrounding things - like TV, books etc

Do a return favour through 'Thanks giving' (by commenting below) and appreciate our friend Aditi, for showing concern for your need.

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