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Lncs Bibliography Styles

natbib-compatible BibTeX style (BST) file for Springer LNCS publications

UPDATE: Additionally, if you prefer "References" instead of "Bibliography", you have to re-define the macro in your document (e.g., just after you include ). Just add a
or a
and you should be up and running with your desired bibliography name.
For some reason, the folks over at Springer do not like to make their BibTeX style (BST) files natbib compatible. This omission seems egregious when considering the kind of authors that would submit to journals and conferences that use -style formatting. Springer does provide LaTeX support files for LNCS, but the included BST file is not natbib compatible (because it was not built with natbib and author–year extensions turned on, which are needed in natbib even when numbered references are used). What makes things more difficult is that it is produced by hacking another BST () that was originally generated properly using , and many of the hacks were already implemented natively in . So much more of the postfix BST language was hacked directly rather than would have been necessary if the correct driver options were picked in the first place. So that makes it more challenging to reproduce a refactored version with additional natbib functionality without worrying about introducing regressions.

Nevertheless, I've done my best, and I've made the the natbib-compatible result available for download. I was able to remove the need for some of the manual editing by a smarter choice of docstrip options, but I still ended up having to create a patch on top of a stock docstrip-generated BST (the docstrip driver and patch are also available). Hopefully that helps someone out there.
  • : natbib-compatible BST file for Springer LNCS-type publications
    Download and place in same directory as document's TeX source code. In the TeX preamble of the document, useand then in the text use macros likeThe normal can be used at the end of the text where the BBL will be inserted by BibTeX.
  • : docstrip driver used to generate
  • : patch used to generate from (assuming version 4.20 [2007/04/24 (PWD, AO, DPC)] of )
Of course, you need only to get up and running.

I'm discovering the Lecture Note in Computer Science (LNCS) LATEX template, and I'm in trouble with their bibliography system.

When reading their documentation and example, it appears that I only have to :

1) Create a thebibliography bloc and put in references using bibitem

2) Cite the references in the content of the document.

So let's take a simple example :

It looks like the example given in the demonstration file "llncs.dem" provided with the template, but this code fail to produce a citation. Is a package missing ? Am I totally wrong ? I do not understand why LATEX do not succeed to reference it.

I tried different commands there is the results :

[PDFLATEX]: Citation 'Ser:thesis' on page 1 undefined on input line 25.

[LATEX]: Citation 'Ser:thesis' on page 1 undefined on input line 25.

[BIBTEX]: Finished with exit code 2

Whatever I try I still only obtain a PDF containing : "It would rocks if I succed in citing [?] !"

If someone can explain how to obtain a citation that works it would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance, Vaisse Arthur.

NB : I already saw the answer at Question mark or bold citation key instead of citation number but as BIBTEX fail, calling LATEX then BIBTEX then LATEX again do not solve my problem.