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Pomorstvo Scientific Journal Of Maritime Research Papers

Pomorstvo (Journal of Maritime Studies)

UDK: 656.61
ISSN 1332-0718 – printed edition
ISSN 1846-8438 – web form edition

Publisher: University of Rijeka Faculty of Maritime Studies

Address: Studentska 2, 51000 Rijeka
Phone: 00385 51 338 411

The Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Rijeka has been issuing the Journal of Maritime Studies since 1999. The original edition of this Journal was published in 1964 under the title „Selected Papers of the Faculty of Maritime Studies“.

The „Journal of Maritime Studies“ represents a multidisciplinary scientific journal publishing scientific and research papers dealing with different fields of maritime affairs (biotechnology, shipping industry, ecology, economics, electrical engineering and computer science, linguistics, logistics, navigation, law, history, sociology, mechanical engineering, technics, technology, traffic and transport technology, as well as other fields of this very complex framework of maritime affairs). The authors of the papers published are scientists, research workers and experts in the wide variety of fields of maritime affairs coming not only from Croatia but from the whole maritime world as well. All the papers are published in Croatian or English, while the summaries are bilingual.

Since 2006 the Journal has been published twice a year (in June and December). In addition to the Editorial Board, the members of which are professors of the Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Rijeka, the Journal has an International Scientific Advisory Board, with distinguished scientists from abroad as members, preceeded by professor David Last, Ph.D. from United Kingdom.

Every single author is the only person responsible for the facts stated in his/her paper published in the Journal of Maritime Studies. The Faculty of Maritime Studies, as Editor and Publisher, is, therefore, released from any responsibility that may be imposed on in this respect.

The Journal is financially supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia and by the Foundation of the University of Rijeka.

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Editorial Board

Instructions to contributors

Call for papers

The Journal of Maritime Affairs has its Editorial and International Scientific Advisory Board.

The task of the Editorial Board is to edit the Journal, determine its scientific orientation and the editorial policy as well.

The International Scientific Advisory Board renders a scientific support on the international level and coordinates the mission, the scientific aims and the general scientific strategy of the Journal.

Editorial Board

Pavao Komadina, Ph. D. Full Prof., Rijeka, Croatia

Boris Pritchard, Ph. D. Full Prof., Rijeka, Croatia

Duško Vranić, Ph. D. Full Prof., Kostrena, Croatia

Ante Bukša, Ph. D. Assist.Prof., Rijeka, Croatia

Antun Kraš, Ph. D. Assoc.Prof., Rijeka, Croatia

Axel Luttenberger, Ph. D. Assoc.Prof., Opatija, Croatia

Dragan Čišić, Ph. D. Full Prof., Opatija, Croatia

Čedomir Dundović, Ph. D. Full Prof., Rijeka, Croatia

Hrvoje Baričević, Ph. D. Full Prof., Rijeka, Croatia

Enco Tireli, Ph. D. Full Prof., Labin, Croatia

Blanka Kesić, Ph. D. Full Prof., Rijeka, Croatia

Damir Zec, Ph. D. Full Prof., Brzac, Croatia

Zdenka Zenzerović, Ph. D. Full Prof., Rijeka, Croatia

Robert Mohović, Ph. D. Assoc. Prof., Mošćenička Draga, Croatia

Mato Tudor, Ph. D.Assist. Prof., Rijeka, Croatia

Vinko Tomas, Ph. D. Assoc. Prof., Dražice, Croatia

Svjetlana Hess, Ph. D. Assoc. Prof., Bakar, Croatia

Ante Bistričić, Ph. D. Assoc. Prof., Bakar, Croatia


International Scientific Advisory Board

· Prof. David Last, Ph.D., University of Wales, Bangor, United Kingdom

· Norman Hughes, Ph.D., The Royal Institute of Navigation, London, United Kingdom

· Christopher J. Hegarty, Ph. D., The MITRE Corporation, Bedford, MA, USA

· Prof. Terry Moore Ph.D., The University of Nottingham, Institute of Engineering, Surveying and Space Geodesy, Nottingham, United Kingdom

· Prof. Peter Trenkner, Ph.D. , University of Wismar, University of Technology, Business and Design, Germany

· Assoc. Prof. Miran Zgonik, Ph.D. , University of Ljubljana, Portorož, Slovenia

· Assoc. Prof.Vittorio Torbianelli, Ph.D. Università degli Studi di Trieste, Facoltà di Architettura, Dipartimento di Progettazione Architettonica e Urbana, Italia

· Prof. Walter Ukovich, Universita degli studi di Trieste, Facoltà di Ingegneria, Dipartimento di Elettrotecnica, Elettronica ed Informatica, Italia

· Prof. Romeo Danielis, Universita degli studi di Trieste, Facoltà di Economia, Dipartimento di scienze economiche e statistiche, Italia

· Prof. John R. Harrald, Ph.D., The George Washington University Institute for Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management, Washington, DC, USA

· Prof. Adam Weintrit, Ph.D., Gdynia Maritime University, Gdynia, Poland



Serđo Kos, Ph.D., Full Prof., Rijeka, Croatia


Marija Šimić Hlača,


Instructions to contributors

1. «Journal of Maritime studies» is a scientific journal that covers the field of maritime transport and is published twice a year.
2. Refereed papers and non-refeered supplements are published in «Journal of Maritime Studies». The refeered papers may be written in Croatian and English and are categorized as technical papers, conference papers, review articles, preliminary communications and research papers (of 16 typewritten double-spaced pages). The non-refeered supplements are information on scientific meetings and workshops, reviews of books and journals, new regulations, organizational changes, etc. (up to 4 double-spaced pages).
3. The typescript is to be sent to the address of the journal or of the editor-in-chief in two copies (with a double spacing), the types of letters are Garamond 10 points script. Please do not correct the typescript graphically. Enclosed to the typescript a floppy disc or CD-rom is obligatory, or can be sent by e-mail: 4. Tables, diagrams, illustrations, maps and charts must be understandable, i.e. they must bear the ordinal number, the title of the source and, if necessary, the explanation of symbols. The formulae should be put down as clear as possible using the standard expressions.
5. The list of references, at the end of the paper, should refer to the particular bibliographic units, bear the ordinal number, and be listed in alphabetic order considering the author's name. Quotations should be written in brackets, stating the ordinal number of the bibliographic unit and the pages or stating the name of the author of the refereed bibliographic unit, the year of publication and the pages. It is preferable to avoid quoting by using footnotes.
6. References (books, articles, the Internet and other electronic sources; references in the text of the paper / textual citation) should be formatted according to the Harvard Style.
7. It is obligatory to write the author's name, title of the paper and summary in Croatian and English on a separate piece of paper. The summary should contain 100 words or 12 lines al least, stating very briefly the goal, methodology, main ideas and purposes of the paper. At the end of the summary, key words (not more than 5) should be listed.
8. Authors, not employed at the Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Rijeka should submit their address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Editorial board

Call for papers


JOURNAL OF MARITIME RESEARCH (JMR) publishes original research papers in English analysing the maritime sector international, national, regional or local. JMR is published quarterly and the issues-whether ordinary or monographic-include both theoretical and empirical approaches to topics of current interest in line with the editorial aims and scope of the journal.

The objective of JMR is to contribute to the progress, development and diffusion of research on the maritime sector. The aim is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for studies of the sector from the perspective of all four of the following broad areas of scientific knowledge: experimental sciences, nautical sciences, engineering and social sciences.

The manuscripts presented must be unpublished works which have not been approved for publication in other journals. They must also fulfil all the requirements indicated in the 'Technical specifications' section. The quality of the papers is guaranteed by means of a process of blind review by two scientific referees and one linguistic reviewer. Although the journal is published in print format, the processes of submission and reception of manuscripts, as well as revision and correction of proofs are all done electronically.