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About Technology Argumentative Essays

Searching For An Example Of An Argumentative Essay On Technology

If you should write an argumentative essay on technology, you won’t lack good ideas. This topic is always up-to-date and relevant, and you will easily find a fresh and interesting issue to discuss in your paper. However, the success of your work depends not only on the topic you choose to research but also on your ability to build up a strong argument in your piece of writing. If you don’t have much experience in argumentative writing, a good example to rely on will come in handy.

Why Use the Example

In your argumentative essay on technology, you should support your opinion on a specific technology-related issue with relevant facts, numbers, and examples. You should show respect for the opposing viewpoints as well. A well-written example will demonstrate how to accomplish these tasks effectively. Moreover, if you are lucky to find the sample on the similar topic as yours, it will serve as a perfect source of ideas and useful references for your own piece.

How to Find the Example

  • Search by keywords.
  • To find the desired sample, enter the right keywords in your favorite search engine. If you want to find the example on a certain technology topic, be as specific as possible. The chances exist that someone has written the same paper and posted it somewhere on the Web. If not, just type “argumentative essay on technology” in the search box. The search results are likely to lead you towards online databases, online writing labs, the sites of professional writing services, and other useful resources. Be picky when deciding which sample to download. Some background knowledge about argumentative writing will help you assess the quality of available examples.

  • Make use of student forums and writing blogs.
  • It doesn’t hurt to turn to the people who have already completed the same or similar writing assignments. After all, writing about technology is a common school assignment these days. Look through the blogs and forums related to academic writing. Perhaps, other students have already shared their argumentative papers on technology online. If not, start a new forum thread and ask for help. Students are very cooperative, and someone will definitely agree to help you out.

  • Ask around at school and on campus.
  • Turn to the senior students from your course. Undoubtedly, they keep their previous papers, and argumentative essays on technology are likely to be found in these reserves as well. Having such samples at hand is a great luck since they will meet all criteria of your institution and follow the requirements of your teacher.


Information Technology Everywhere

Information technology is the technology involving the development,maintenance, and the use of computer systems, software and networks for the processing and distribution of data. Information technology has manybenefits in our lives like it prevents error; it decreases the amount of paper works, it creates products faster, it helps us save more time, it helps usaccess more information easily, it helps us communicate faster, cheaper andmore efficient, and many more. Although information technology is beneficialin our lives, we must lessen its use because it contributes to laziness, itviolates one’s privacy, it invents dangerous things, it consumes a lot of energy, and it shortens our lives.Information technology has made our life more comfortable becausewe can access information easily and it can help us save more time, but itcontributes to our laziness. One example of this is that when a student has aresearch in school, all he’s going to do is type the word in the internet andhe’ll copy-paste the information and prints it, rather than he’ll borrow booksfrom the library and reads it one by one. Moreover this could be a harder waythan typing the word in the internet and print it. That’s one of the reasons whywe must reduce the use of information technology, as a result of we’re gettinglazy and the importance of books in our lives is slowly fading away.Information technology also helps us in communicating with our friendsand relatives who are far from us. Despite the fact that it helped us in gettingin touch with our friends and family easily, it doesn’t mean that we haveprivacy in our lives and it is safe for us. Considering that we posted something