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Drunk Driving Essay Thesis Statements

How to Write an Essay about Drunk Driving

Writing an essay on the subject of drunk driving requires the same skills as writing an essay on any other type of subject. Like any other essay, you must start off with a good central thesis and a great deal of excellent research.

Crafting the perfect thesis on drunk driving

A topic such as drunk driving is both easy and hard to write a paper on. It is easy because in some ways the direction of your paper is already prescribed, because no one is going to take a pro drunk driving stance. You will already have some basic thoughts on the subject, which helps to write the paper. But this paper is difficult for the same reason: because everyone will agree that drunk driving is bad, you have to be able to come up with a more specific thesis. You do not want your thesis to be an obvious and oversimplified statement, and you must try to come up with a thesis that has much more substance.

Doing the best research on the subject of drunk driving

Drunk driving is a fairly easy subject to do research on. It is something you hear about regularly on the news or in the papers. The subject is also widely studied by researchers. Here are some different types of research that you should consider if you are going to write an essay on drunk driving:

  • Recent Headlines: Drunk driving is one of the biggest causes of traffic accidents and fatalities. You will find many stories written about it in the local newspaper. No paper on drunk driving is complete without addressing the tragic impact it has on thousands of innocent lives each year. Emotions can play an important part in making an effective argument, so you should not ignore these important stories.
  • Use the Statistics: the numbers of people that drunk driving affects is astonishing. Drunk driving is certainly on the decline, but there are still thousands of people that die each year from drunk driving related accidents. These statistics offer credibility to your argument.
  • Information from Experts: all kinds of drunks, drunk drivers included, have to be taken care of by someone. That burden falls to a variety of public safety and public service positions. Police officers, emergency medical personnel, and hospital staff all have to put up with drunks day in and day out. If you can get an interview with someone in one of these fields, they will be able to share a great deal of valuable information about their experience in dealing with drunk drivers and drunks in general.
  • Information from Recovering Drunks: a drunk driver will never get over the consequences of their actions, but many of them try to use their experiences as a tool to teach others in order to prevent future drunk driving harm. If you can find someone willing to share their story, their story will become a very compelling part of your paper.

The one thing you must keep in mind is that drunk driving is not just about statistics. There are always people involved who are harmed with drunk driving. Your paper should use compelling facts and have a strong argument, but you should never forget the emotional aspect as well. This is true for writing an essay about drunk driving, but it is true for almost any other type of essay as well.

Don't Drink and Drive

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Topic: Don’t Drink and Drive
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that action is needed to deal with the problem
caused by motorists’ who drink and drive.

General Purpose: Solving the problems caused by drinking and driving will require action
by friends, family, and law enforcement.

Thesis Statement: Drinking and driving not only endanger your life, it endangers the lives
of the innocent victims whose path you cross.

Introduction: While watching TV one night, a special news report came on. There
was a terrible accident in Marshal County involving a drunk driver.
Six children were killed in the crash, a man driving a blue sedan had
hit head-on with a mini van, carrying six children and their grandmother.
All the children were pronounced dead at the scene, the grandmother and
the man driving the sedan were the only survivors.
A.     Don’t drink and drive, period.
1.     The cemeteries are full of people who thought they were “Ok to drive” along
with the innocent victims whose paths they crossed.
2.     Support law enforcement.
3.     Don’t complain that an officer gave your kid an MIP, DUI, or DWI… thank them.

Transitions: Now that we’ve seen how drinking and driving are serious problems for motorists’
and their communities, let’s look at some causes.

B.     “It causes the deaths of over 16,000 people in America every year, an average of
44 each day, one every 33 minutes.”

Conclusion: “Drinking and driving and alcohol abuse are claiming the lives of thousands
of young people each year. If you critically injure or kill someone after making

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the conscious decision to drink and drive, be prepared for the consequences.”


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