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George Mason Admissions Video Essay Scholarships

A committee of FAVS faculty and FAVS Advisory Board members will award scholarships based on a thoughtful presentation of the chosen topic, written and communication skills, GPA and demonstration of academic excellence at Mason or other institutions prior, demonstration of professional experience or commitment (through internships or other professional contexts), and resume. The panel also considers demonstrated merit in academic and extracurricular activities within the CVPA courses when reviewing applications from current students.

To apply, submit all required elements below by the deadline. *You will need a Google account to upload your file(s):

Part 1.
  1. Personal Information (includes cumulative GPA, student status, and concentration)
  2. Creative Work (based on concentration)
    • Directing / Producing / Cine / Editing-Sound - link to Vimeo or Youtube video.Descriptive statement (50 words or less): State your role and what creative decisions you were involved in.
    • Screenwriting – no more than 10 pages of a script that you are the sole writer (PDF).Descriptive Statement (50 words or less): The goals and themes of the selection and its place in the larger piece.

Part 2.

Film essay on Topic A or Topic B. (500-600 words)

Topic A: Discuss how a film – one you worked on or viewed and studied - has changed your life or the lives of others.


Topic B: As an interdisciplinary art form, filmmaking touches many disciplines. Discuss the disciplines beyond Film and Video Studies that have influenced your choices and practice as a filmmaker.


If you have financial challenges as a student and filmmaker, please explain why this scholarship is needed. (50 words or less).

Part 4.

One page resume saved as “YOUR_FULL_NAME_Resume.pdf"

Note: Academic transcripts on record will be considered from the last three years of study.

Portfolio Requirements

Part 1:
Write a 500 word essay describing your interest and influences in studying the history and craft of independently produced film and video and related media forms.

Part 2:
Choose ONE of the following:

350-word treatment for an original fiction film.

350-word plan for a documentary film (i.e. a story involving participants and representing real life).

350-word proposal for a television pilot or series.

Examples are available from current/past students

Part 3: 
Submit a sample of your creative work and a descriptive statement.

This can be a short video (only as a link to YouTube, Vimeo, or website), demo reel, photographs, website, animation, drawing, collage, graphic novel, comic book cells, poetry, or script.

Descriptive Statement (25-100 words):

Describe your sample of creative work (e.g. medium, context, etc.). If applicable, include collaborators, your specific role, and use of copyrighted media.