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Inclusion And Research Paper


Importance of Inclusion for Students with Disabilities 3

Overview of Inclusion

The Individuals with Disabilities Act stated that students needed to be educated in the least restrictive environment possible (Obiakor, Harris, Mutua, Rotatori, & Algozzine, 2012; Swain, 2012). In the 2004-2005 school year 96% of students were taught in general education classrooms and half of the students with disabilities spent their day in an inclusive setting (Alquraini, & Gut, 2012). Inclusion is an education model that allows children with and without disabilities to be in the same general education classroom and this model meets the expectations of the mandate. This educational practice is a way that all of the educational requirements are met. Inclusion also allows students with disabilities to have opportunities to build friendships and gain role models in social skills. Another benefit of inclusion is that it allows general education students without disabilities a chance to become better-rounded individuals as they learn to work alongside people with differences (Anati & Ain, 2012;Girli, 2013; Obiakor, Harris, Mutua, Rotatori, & Algozzine, 2012; Wong-Ratcliff & Ho, 2011). The definition that supports inclusion in schools is from Wah (2010),


 is better defined as a process by which a school attempts to respond to all students as individuals by reconsidering its curricular organization and  provision and through this process, the school builds its capacity to accept all students form the local community who wish to attend and, in so doing, reduces the need to exclude pup


 (p. 99). This is the definition that this paper will be using for the word


 as it relates to schools. Inclusion is equality for all students in the same classroom. In the inclusion setting all modifications and accommodations a student needs are still provided. Students in an inclusive setting are taught using the same evidenced based practices that general education students are taught with. In a regular education classroom there should be differentiation done to meet the

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