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World War 2 Essay Conclusions

Causes Of World War 2

How to start an essay on Causes Of World War 2

There is no specific formula of coming up with an essay. There are some procedures that can be followed by writers when coming up with an essay and this usually depends on his or her preferences. I will provide a simple process that one can follow when coming up with an essay on the causes of World War 2. The most important thing is to read the topic and internalize its meaning. In this case, this is a specific topic that needs us to focus only on the causes. The World War 2 is characterized by some issues, but the topic has a limitation where we should put much focus. In this case, the first thing is to come up with an introduction that includes a definition of the world war. It is important to mention the dates of this war since this is a historical event. Providing such details passes a notion to the reader that the author of the text understands the topic well and provides information. An introduction is always followed with a thesis statement at the end unless stated otherwise. The role of a thesis is to describe what the writer intends to explore on in the text. The body and the conclusion are among other important parts that are essential to consider when writing about the above topic.

How to write body paragraphs for essay on Causes Of World War 2

Since the topic is straightforward, it is important to focus on the causes that led to the development of World War 2. There are some factors that contributed to the World War 2. Thus, the writer should ensure that he or she chooses some of the strong and convincing points that will convince the audience. The causes should be explained in the best manner for readers to understand how this whole process started. The number of points that should be included in the text will depend on the length of the paper. An example of the causes that can be incorporated in the text is the fail of the league of nations. The league of nations was a body that was formed by the countries that had a similar interest in a bid to solve their problems and differences that existed between them. However, this was not successful because some nations felt that they were being undermined and the manner in which the body was being governed was against their expectations. Therefore, this is one of the causes that led to the beginning of the war. Also, the League of Nations had no powers hence it was very difficult to provide directions that could be followed by other states. Other common factors that attributed to the war were the actions of Hitler. This was an African leader that had great influence, and some of his actions did not please some states hence, a breakaway from the collaborations. We can see that the body carries the main points of discussion as shown in the above example.

On the other hand, the writer is free to provide an opinion on the issue after explaining the causes of the war. An opinion is a manner in which an individual views things. This might be different across individual. Hence, an opinion is just mentioned for readers to be able to compare with theirs. In the opinion, one can state if the causes of the war were worth leading to the situation and whether this could be prevented if certain measures could have been undertaken. Research is fundamental when conducting a historical paper. This is because one requires some of the relevant facts and dates to include in the text to avoid providing some wrong information. The best way is to write down the information researched in a separate draft before coming up with a complete paper.

How to conclude an essay on Causes Of World War 2

Also, I would recommend that the writer comes up with a conclusion as the last part of the essay. An example of a conclusion might be as follows; some factors that have been discussed in the above text caused The World War 2. This led to the destruction of property and loss of life as well. The failure of League of Nations and Hitler’s actions led to the war. However, this could be prevented if nations came to an agreement and peacefully solved their problems. This conclusion articulates some of the most important points that have been discussed in the body part of the essay. This is an indication that the conclusion is just a recap of the main body.

In summary, essay writing differs depending on the type of essay that is being written. As mentioned earlier, it essential that writers should understand well the topic before starting the essay. Understanding the topic is critical because at times some writers end up misinterpreting the topic and write irrelevant information that was not necessary. Students can learn from this procedure to come up with a good paper.


World War II created new opportunities for women, African Americans, and other minority groups. The exigencies of increased production during the war forced employers to tap into previously ignored labor pools and to hire women and minorities. In this way, Americans marginalized before the war found new job opportunities both at home and in the armed forces. As a result, historically powerless groups in American society enjoyed newfound prosperity and began to emerge from pariah status.

Despite great social leaps forward, hurdles still remained. Japanese Americans benefited not at all from the opportunities created during the war; instead, they found themselves corralled into concentration camps in the U.S. Rockies. While justified at the time as a national security measure, the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II is now universally viewed as a shameful incident in American history. In addition, African Americans experienced racial segregation, exclusion, and subordination within the armed forces, and few soldiers saw actual combat. Those who did fought bravely, and many emerged from World War II determined to end racism in the United States. African American civilians at home did find jobs in defense plants, yet they, too, endured racist treatment on the job and racist rioting in the streets, the most notable of which occurred in Detroit in 1943.

Women joined the workplace in numbers never before seen, fulfilling positions traditionally open only to men, and their involvement added to American prosperity during the war. After the war, however, most women quickly reverted back to their traditional roles as homemakers.

World War II provided unprecedented job and service opportunities to women and minorities on the U.S. home front, thus laying the groundwork for the civil rights and feminist movements later to come. The advances made by marginalized groups during the war spurred them — and others — on to make the gains they had briefly enjoyed a fixture of American life.