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Exemplification Essays Assignment

ENGLISH 1301 1 EXEMPLIFICATION ESSAY Your assignment is to write a 500-700-word essay addressing the prompt given below. This essay must include an introductory paragraph, several central paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Each central paragraph must be based on a topic sentence. Remember, effective writing incorporates such features as college-level diction, proper grammar and mechanics, an effective introduction that both summarizes and incorporates a plausible thesis, solid supporting body paragraphs, smooth transitions that bridge ideas, credible sources with proper attribution (if applicable), and a well-rounded comprehensive conclusion that not only reiterates your thesis but also summarizes your main points. Use examplesto develop any one of the following topics into a well-organized essay. When writing the paper, choose enough relevant examplesto support your thesis. Organize the material into a

Students of different educational establishments write various kinds of papers. The most popular among them are narrative, argumentative, and descriptive essays. However, there is one more type of essay, students should succeed in. It is an exemplification essay. When students are to produce such a work, they feel confused as a new type of assignment presupposes new requirements.

Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about. Here, we will find out how to write an exemplification essay of top quality. Be sure that your teacher will be astonished.

Full Details about an Exemplification Essay

It is quite normal that students feel nervous when they hear the term “exemplification essay”. However, the situation is not as terrible as it seems. If you know what an argumentative essay is, then you will cope with this assignment too.

Exemplification and argumentative papers have much in common. However, when you deal with the former, you need to give enough vivid examples to support the provided arguments. Certainly, statistical data matters a lot, however, it is necessary to present them in a way that will not make your essay boring.

When you produce your essay during classes, your professor will not be very strict about presenting specific dates and figures. Nonetheless, when doing your assignment at home, it is crucially to indicate the sources which you have used for gathering information. In order to meet the imposed academic requirements, you should ask your teacher about the guide that should be followed.

Variety of Topics

Students know that exemplification essays are similar to the argumentative ones. That is why they always try to choose the subjects that would be suitable for writing an argumentative paper. It means that the selected topic should be disputable.

Furthermore, students try to explore the subjects that could be supported by direct evidence. However, if you make an attempt to convince readers about sharing your point of view on the matter, it will not be an exemplification essay anymore.

Great topics for exemplification essays are given below:

  • Legalization of Drugs
  • Should boys and girls study separately?
  • Is it essential to have an academic degree today?
  • Free healthcare services: are they possible?
  • Should everyone be allowed to have guns?

It is necessary to conduct research so that it is possible to support each of the presented points by sound arguments. In this way, it will be easier for you to prove your opinion. Note that agreeing with given viewpoint is not a must. You just need to analyze and back up your point properly.

Below, you will find several unsuitable topics for writing an exemplification paper:

  • What music do you prefer?

This is a personal topic. Therefore, it cannot be based on facts.

It sounds like a rhetorical question. The answer is obvious.

  • Give instructions on roasting a turkey.

This very topic is for a process essay but not for an exemplification one.

Now you understand what writing an exemplification essay means and what topics are the most appropriate or inappropriate for it. It is time to talk about the writing process.

Major Writing Steps

You should not start preparing your exemplification essay right after getting a topic. It is much better to plan each your step. Thus, your assignment will meet quality standards and you will complete it faster.

Down below, you will find detailed description of each of the four stages of the writing process. Mind that you can always support your ideas with facts, even if it seems to you that the topic sounds too personal.

  1. Write an outline and put forward ideas.

First, it is rather useful to write down all the ideas that come to your mind. After that, organize the noted pieces in a logical order.

Remember that there should be an introduction, body, and conclusion included into your outline. It is up to you to decide whether to make introductory and concluding sections lengthy or brief. However, you should remember that the body is the part of your work that has to present your ideas and facts supporting them in detail.

  1. Produce an introduction.

The introductory paragraph will consist of two parts: a claim that will capture readers’ attention and a thesis statement. As to the first part, it should be a point or claim that will interest readers greatly.

A thesis statement informs readers about the matter your paper will be focused on. It briefly describes the chief points of the main body.

  1. Prepare a body section.

When the introduction is ready, you can begin writing the body. It does not necessarily have to be a five paragraph paper unless it is stated by your professor. Here, an outline comes into play. Follow it and you will manage to explore each point in detail.

  1. Summarize your work.

Writing a conclusion is a final step of the process. The summarizing paragraph should conclude the chief ideas presented in the paper. However, a mere restating of a thesis statement is rather boring. Thus, you can mention some more details which you have provided in the body. As a result, your paper will be complete and valid.

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