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Homework Poem By Faiz Khan Jewellers

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Qurratulain Hyder (January 20, 1928 – August 21, 2007) was an influential Indian Urdu novelist and short story writer, an academic, and a journalist. One of the most outstanding literary names in Urdu literature, she is most known for her magnum opus, Aag Ka Darya (River of Fire), a novel first published in Urdu in 1959, from Lahore, Pakistan, that stretches from the 4th century BC to post partition of India.

Jaun Elia (1931-2002) was a notable Pakistani Urdu-language poet, philosopher, biographer, and scholar. Jaun’s first poetry collection 'Shayad' made him famous among Urdu poetry lovers and those who were bored of the old style of poetry. Other books of Jaun are Yaani, Guman, Lekin, Goya and Farnood, published posthumously by his devotee Khalid Ahmed Ansari. Jaun Elia gave a different and unique flavor to Urdu poetry.

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